Having an idea is one thing.  Understanding when the time is right is another. I have been thinking about starting a new political party for 8 years.  When I first asked people what they thought in 2010, not a single person thought it was a good idea.  With each election since, more and more people have leaned a little more each year.  In 2017, the flood gates opened.  It was hard to find anyone that didn’t think it was time for something different.

CIVIL is going to be a different animal.  CIVIL can’t beat the political parties at raising money and buying influence.  Like a great marketing manager told me years ago, find out what everyone else is doing and don’t do that.  So CIVIL will not spend its time and money on name calling, politicization – of everything, on building echo chambers that regurgitate old ideas that haven’t worked for decades.  CIVIL will focus on what what politicians have been terrible at: number one, being civil.   More important: New ideas are central to this movement, and the currency of our success.  CIVIL is happy to debate ideas with any candidate, anywhere and anytime. And CIVIL will focus on simplifying government.  Where most of Washington loves complexity and big spending, CIVIL will focus on simplicity and solutions that provide and economic, social and cultural payback for America.  Where Washington runs from measuring results, CIVIL will be results-oriented, from dawn til dusk.

If America is going to compete in the 21st Century, we must have an agile, streamlined, optimized government that can compete with the likes of China.   Their published plan is to EAT OUR ECONOMIC LUNCH.  As administration after administration has fumbled around with small changes to our taxes, abdicating from creating a modern immigration policy, or proposing NO solutions for what the CBO says is $100 trillion in unfunded mandates over the next thirty year, CIVIL has laid our a long-term plan that will assure China doesn’t dominate us economically, turning America into a second rate nation, heavily in debt, and heavily dependent of China’s cash flow to buy our bonds and pay for new debt.  I don’t want my kids to endure this tragedy, and I am sure you don’t either.

Join the team….there are so many disappointed voters out their like you and me, I think we can build a great team and an amazing future.

Tom Lewellen, Executive Director