Founding Principles: Short Version  VIDEO: Whats the Problem with Washington..

  • NO LARGE DONATIONS, PERIOD!: Big Money is Killing our Political Process:  No donations over $195 during ANY election cycle.

  • Freedom Essential to Success: Freedom is the catalyst of greatness and federal policies need to focus on enhancing our abilities to be free and to succeed in our endeavors.

  • Power Corrupts: Growing power in Washington, a $4 trillion dollar enterprise, has crippled out trust.  Decentralize government and push power to the states, and most important, to the people when writing policy, program and law, provides a tremendous platform to increase our personal success as well as protect our freedom.

  • Markets not Monopolies: The 21st century is the century of ideas and innovation. Government is not an idea generator…period. Government monopolies – school, health, etc. are idea killers.   Monopolies need to be the last choice for government not the first.  Using open, well, but simply, regulated market solutions will foster innovation.

  • Simplicity: Complexity in government is crushing America success.  CEI projects compliance costs of the Administrative State will total nearly $2 trillion in 2017.  A Chief Simplicity Office will help rate both legislation and legislators for simplicity.  Z-Prizes, CROWD-SOURCING IDEAS, will be used to foster input from 300,000,000 citizens.