Restarting American Success to Compete in the 21st Century!

Principles help guide program, policy and legislation.  Policy is where the principles meet the road.    The Five Star program has five pillars to help erect the strong economy in our 21st century world.


  • to produce a better economy for our children and progeny to thrive, and, perhaps more important, to assure that the Asian population behemoths – especially China – do not overtake and potential vastly surpass economic output. China’s mission is to at least double our economic output and dominate the world politically and economically.   Our children deserve better
  • to deliver 4% growth on a rolling ten year average with upside to 4.5%.
  • to create social welfare program that increase human capital and personal success factor instead of transferred dollars to individuals
  • to simplify government and diminish the scope of government responsibility so it is possible to govern the giant beast it has become.
  • to reduce unfunded mandates:  CIVIL’s Five Star plan will reduce dependence on the welfare programs by well over half, reduce regulatory compliance costs by 50%, and promote business formation by at least one-third.

Additional detail of the programs: Click Here

If you want much more detailed information and enjoy reading, please download and check out: . Federalism 2.0: A Guide to 21st Century Economic Success