Why CIVIL for Millennials?

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4/15/2019 to 6/2/2019 

A business associate from Singularity University provided a couple of great recommendations recently and the advice was spot on.  First, great focus should be given to Millennials in CIVIL’s mission to fix the slop-fest in Washington because they have the most to lose as the political parties prefer twitter-fests over fixing our nations greatest problems. If nothing changes, the economy will stagnate and China will become the world’s only super power.  Not good for my kids or anyone’s kids….and they are millennial’s.

Second, use video.  This might be a challenge because though I  love doing videos, I am not the best looking guy, so you will have to put up with my ugly mug.  Hopefully, I hope the storytelling will be better than my screen presence.  

Note to Ed Rollins, Stuart Varney, Tom Reed, Logan Hoover and Martin Feldstein, the below link is the Letter to President Trump about the transformation solution, Dual Track retirement system I recommended you review.  

#fixitonce and for good. 

 Transforming our Retirement System

5/12 Youtube: How to Fix our retirement system without raising taxes or increasing debt:


5/12 Mother’s Day at CIVIL.  A big thanks. 


5/5/2019  11.30 am PST – How our retirement system will hurt your partners and will crash your bank account


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