STEP Three: Run for Office

Tom Lewellen announces his candidacy for …

Americans need more political choice and CIVIL will provide choices that make sense for the 21st Century!

On September 5th, Tom Lewellen filed to be a candidate in the US Senate race in Arizona.

This should be a great race as the two announced candidates are great people.   The are experienced and have served America well.

They are however perfectly qualified to be Senators were this 1950 or 1980.  The world has changed and the dynamics required of leadership mean that the complexity of our government is killing the golden economic goose.  Americans are seeking something new and these candidates are ‘more of the same.’   America can’t get ahead with more of the same.

Worse, the two parties continue to sink to new lows.  The yelling and screaming have reached new heights of incivility.   To make our challenges even more difficult, the parties’ approach to how to government is at polar opposites.  Their irreconcilable differences make getting anything of magnitude accomplished is all but impossible.  There needs to be a third voice to help either bring the parties together or begin to replace these dinosaurs before they walk us into the tar pits.  To provide a new 21st century path to governance, Mr. Lewellen has entered the election.

Mr. Lewellen’s campaign is a write-in campaign.  Over the course of the last 120 years, Democrats and Republicans alike have created political monopolies with barriers so high that 40 political parties have been unable to get even a tiny foothold in our politics.   A great marketer once said, ‘find out what ever one else is doing, and don’t do that.’   As forty have tried and failed and elections by petition, CIVIL will take the less traveled road, so ask you bear with us, and write in Tom Lewellen for Senate.

Why CIVIL.  The better question is, why would you vote Republic or Democrat.  They have spent the last decades do and undoing what the other parties execute.  Net-net…you are voting for America to go nowhere.  Outsiders in the political parties are still part of the mechanism driven to the status quo .  America is going nowhere.  Fast.  So, if you want to move America ahead, don’t waste your vote on 20th century candidates and 20th century status quo, take a hard look at CIVIL

Why are we going nowhere?  Big money.  In 2016, 2/3 of the donations for president were from large donors.  These donations came from one-percent of the voting public.  Even worse, the top 100 givers gave $890 million in donations.  Nearly a billion bucks from 100 people.  Nuts.   These are the folks that are writing our laws and encouraging the status quo.   The rich don’t need help getting richer.  And if you and I give $20…what is our effect: we can’t buy a vowel.  Our dollars keep the lights on at HQ and not much else.  The big money goes to creating two giant political echo chambers where the level of anger and meanness is out of control.  This has to stop.  If you want real change, you can’t vote for these parties!

We need a new party that can float ideas that bring the parties together to debate the ideas that will help propel America to a new level of competitiveness to help assure that China does not take the economic helm this century and kick the US to the curb.   Our children deserve better than being at the will of a foreign country, especially a Communist dictatorship.

CIVIL will take no donations over $195.  Two hundred dollars and up are defined as big donations.   We don’t even want $195.  ‘Ten to Win’ is our goal.  See our ‘Ten to Win’ page.

Join me is something special this election season.  Write in Tom Lewellen for Senate.