Disgusted with business as usual….so are we!

It is almost impossible to believe that the 2018 election could be more awful than the 2016 election. But it is.  Between the sloppy and enorously political manner of handling of the Cavanaugh nomination coupled with the numerous and virulent campaigns around the United States, it’s little wonder voters are at each other throats.

America isn’t divided because of our differences with each other.  We are divided because of the fractious divisions created by our awful politics and politicians.

If you want more of the same, keep giving money to these parties.  Voting for Dem/Rep candidates will only create more animus will.

Vote CIVIL by writing your name in for your office of choice on Nov 6.  Write CIVIL in parenthesis to vote your disgust for the politics of the status quo.

Tom Lewellen

Executive Director