2019 Debates!

In Arizona, the two Senate Candidates spent over $30 million.  After all the spending, and TV, web and radio commercials, my IQ went down about 20 points and frankly I could not tell you one thing that either candidate would do to fix the problems with Washington.   The only debate I saw was about  DNC and RNC talking points.  The objective of the debate seemed more about whether the candidates passed their parties litmus test.  Underwhelming, to say the least.

The reason there are ‘low information voters’ is because parties spend billions of dollars on tweaking the voter to make them mad enough not to vote for the ‘other’ candidate, but nothing about a plan for the future, no vision, no new ideas…

Wouldn’t it be great to talk about ideas that can change the vector of our future to something positive, something that will ensure our children’s future.  CIVIL thinks so.

Here are some ideas

  1. What’s the Biggest Problem in Washington and How Would You Fix It?
  2. Transformational Government: What the problem with our Retirement System and How Would You Fix It?
  3. Transformational Government: Why Can’t Our Inner City Children Get an Education, and How Would You Fix It?
  4. Transformational Government: Social Welfare or Pursuit of Happiness?
  5. Climate Change: Alarmist or Denier?
  6. Immigration:  What is the Road Forward to Improve our Economic Fitness?
  7. Is Complexity and Size Killing our Trust in Government?

If you have more ideas, please send them to us.

Our desire is to schedule these in Tempe.  I have reached out to a few groups to see if they would like to participate.

Tom Lewellen

Executive Director