What's Happening w/CIVIL - June, 2019.

Past Videos

June 22: Talking about immigration today, but just listening to the verbal muck over the last couple of weeks, the commentary is so weak, why would any voter vote for a Democrat or Republican in 2020.  It is just embarrassing!

Youtube Live: Fixing Retirement financing once and for all? 

Presentation to Political Wonks, the Congress.  (Originally created for Congress David Schweikert who staff never followed up after initial discussions.  Will post by noon on 6/23. 

Hate Powerpoint.  Me too.  This might be interesting. 

CIVIL Saturday/Sunday Videos


  • 6/22, Immigration Intellectual Slop Fest
  • 6/15, Father’s Day
  • 6/9 D-Day Remembrances
  • 6/1 Memorial Day